Ti Motorsport Race Support

Ti Motorsport Race Support

Racing in more affordable race series such as Tegiwa Civic Cup and M3 CUP allows the driver to compete at a competitive level in their own purpose built race car. Not everyone has the know how and mechanic knowledge to rectify issues during or between races. It can be a real headache at the best of times, working on a car, so why not let Ti Motorsport take car of all of your trackside requirements..

Our team have expert knowledge and vast experience in both building, maintaining and supporting vehicles at events. Meaning you won’t have to worry about things like topping up oil, fixing that seized brake caliper or adjusting the ride height and alignment.

Why use Ti Motorsport race support?

  • Stop the headaches of trackside issues with your racecar

  • We have all of the tools and spares required for almost any task

  • Ensure your car is race ready at all times

  • Ensure your car meets regulations on the day

  • We can make adjustments to your setup after practice and qualifying in preparation to race

If you have an questions regarding this service, get in touch call 01782 95 03 15 or email [email protected]

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