Ti Motorsport Race car Pre-Race Setup

Ti Motorsport Race car Pre-Race Setup

Setting up your race car isn’t a walk in the park. Not only do you need the know how and experience, but specialist, costly tools and equipment are required in almost every instance. For example something that may seem simple such as alignment and weighing of the vehicle to meet both driver and circuit requirements, not to mention the all important regulations. These simple sounding jobs require digital scales mounted underneath all four wheels for an accurate reading and to setup the geometry requires specialist alignment tools and the know how to adjust ride-height, camber, toe and caster.

Other pre-race setup jobs may include subframe repair, component replacement such as brakes and suspension. Fitment of aftermarket parts, dyno tuning and freshen up of lubricants. Many drivers to not have the time, tools, know how or premises to carry out adjustments, upgrades or repairs, so let Ti Motorsport setup your race car and eliminate those pre-race blues.

Why choose Ti Motorsport to setup your race car?

  • Cost effective way of setting up your race car ensuring it performs at it’s optimum come race day

  • In-house expertise to rectify known issues and check the car over to find any other potential issues which may effect race day

  • We can get hold of pretty much any component and even have HEL approved braided brake lines made in-house

If you have an questions regarding this service, get in touch call 01782 95 03 15 or email [email protected]

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